Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bewitching Hour Is Drawing Nigh...

We're about a week and a half from when the first wave of students from New England School of Law arrive. This past week we had another round of meetings, trying to get the logistics down, and of course funding. It's always about money. We're trying to find ways to get essentials, such as scanners, copiers, and such. I think HOPE, the public interest arm of the law school will lend financial and logistical support. Perhaps even the law school will throw some dollars our way. Time will tell.

I've yet to get a roster of the incoming students, so I haven't been able to reach out to them. I'm curious to know whether any students are Haitian, or Haitian-American and / or speak Creole. We have an excellent dedicated student in the clinic who is Haitian-American and has been a gem in helping with the translating needs of the clinic even before she was an official member of the clinic. Also, we have been reaching out to various groups hoping to get a firm commitment from those who can translate. More to follow.

So the translated flyers are done (Thanks Kat!) and now we need to distribute them in Little Haiti. Not sure if we're going to do that this weekend or during the week mere days before the event. Whatever the plan, we're planning to have about 30 Haitians come to Jackson Hospital on Tuesdays for intake. This is the optimal number given our resources and the time available to process the applications.

The next step is to draft an introduction email letting them know basics: regarding training, schedule, and generally what to expect. I'll try to paint a picture of the law school and Miami as warm and inviting...while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of the work and the care with which we must deal with the clients and their lives.

This is for keeps.

In any case, these emails don't write themselves, so I'm off...Until next time.

- fdh

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