Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haitian TPS Intake - Into The Fire...

This morning, it was time to finally don our suits and hit the clinic! We navigated through morning traffic into downtown Miami, where we set up the intake clinic in Jackson Hospital. We split into groups, to continue promoting the clinics throughout the city, to ensure that everyone who qualifies for TPS has the opportunity to come.

Willem (a University of Memphis 3L) and I ended up leaving the intake for a bit to take the train to the Haitian Consulate where we spoke with folks waiting in lines, and handed out fliers about our clinics. We were able to let just about everyone know what we were doing, and met a number of people who were excited about sharing the opportunity with their friends and family.

Once we got back to the intake, we sat down with a young man who was applying for TPS, and his uncle who was there to help translate. His application process was fairly smooth, and Willem and I learned about organizing a massive number of documents, and ensuring consistency of information on all of the forms (remember that even fairly straightforward questions can have complicated answers!). Overall, it was wonderful to finally be face to face with Haitians, and so rewarding to know that we were able to aid in helping this young man gain the status he needs to start working in the United States.

Though the clinic slowed down this afternoon, we were able to make presentations in two different schools, and hand out a number of flyers in Little Haiti, where we will be tomorrow night doing intake. By the end of the day, we had 15 different applications filled out and ready for review.

Tonight, we are meeting up with the volunteer group from the University of San Francisco Law School. We’re headed to Coconut Grove, a district that everyone has been telling us about. A little dinner and down time will be just the ticket for a successful tomorrow!

Ed. note - Anna Rudman-Santos is a first year law student at the University of Memphis.

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