Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day in the Office

Today, was full of paper work. I am finally beginning to better understand how to put together an application to have mailed in, whereas the past few days I learned more about the process of data mining and client interaction. I did a lot of calling clients today, asking for bits and pieces of detailed information to fill in affidavits necessary for fee waivers and other lost certificates. Every time I called a client, they were so happy to hear from the clinic even though I was sure they had no clue who I was.

I also spent a good deal time learning how to analyze and extract information from given documents, information which the clients and I have not discussed or that the client just did not know. This included immigration proceedings, visa status, and court orders.

All in all today was vital, tomorrow should be the perfect amount of time I need to prepare all of my applications to have them sent out. 

Ed. note:
Ben Akbulut is a first year law student at New England Law | Boston and will be the blogger for this week.

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