Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Intake at Chef Nicole

Hey all, today was great! We worked late into the evening. We started our day late by meeting at noon at the clinic where we all reviewed our cases and discussed what needed to be done in order to complete each application fully. This was very helpful because everyone had a unique case which the rule and guidelines of TPS applied differently too. The cases ranged from an ideal couple without any issues to borderline possible denials to more concrete cases of denial, in which there was more complex legal issues involved. In addition we had a few cases that were started earlier the week before we had arrived. After our meeting we had about an hour to work on our cases and complete researched required. Some of the research included criminal background checks and alien registration number status checks.

Later on we returned to Little Haiti to a newly opened restaurant named “Chef Nicole” that allowed us to host our clinic there for the evening. I must add we ate dinner which was phenomenal (some of the best Haitian food around). While a few of us setup others went into the neighborhood notifying everyone and anyone who either owned a shop or was on the street about the clinic. We met this one gentleman who operated a home radio station and made an announcement to community, telling them “FREE TPS at NICOLE’S!” By the time I returned from a second round of flyering the restaurant was full of clients and had one waiting for me. That night all of us had at least one client to our name.

Looks like we have some we have our work cut out for us tomorrow.

Ed. note:
Ben Akbulut is a first year law student at New England Law | Boston and will be the blogger for this week.

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