Monday, March 1, 2010

Training and Outreach in Little Haiti

Today was the first day of the training clinic. As my first time ever involved in a such a clinic I was really nervous because I did not fully understand what TPS was. The first training session was great, we ran through every form, a mock interview and met with the attorneys and students involved with the program here at the University of Miami.

The second half of our day comprised of distributing flyers and getting the word out to the residents of Little Haiti. Flyers had content written in both English and Creole on each side. In groups of two we covered nearly all the restaurants and residential buildings in 15 square blocks. Learning simple phrases such as “Bonjour” and “Como Seva” made many elders simile. My biggest hit was in the community medical center…when I walked in, there were over two dozen people who were interested in the flyers and when I gave them one, they rifled questions at me. I took this as a good sign. There were so many people incredibly receptive to the flyer, I hope they all turnout.

All in all what a success so far.

Ed. note:
Ben Akbulut is a first year law student at New England Law | Boston and will be the blogger for this week.

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